Who pays for the child after divorce?

When couples divorce it’s often the children that feel the brunt of it. Sometimes it’s the other person in the relationship that suffers economically. Hence the reason there’s a legal duty towards maintenance after divorce, which is an obligation to provide for another person. A child of a divorced couple, for example, may need help […]

Let your child study law

On 1 August 2013 PPS released the latest results of the South African Legal Services Survey.  Of the legal professionals, including 423 attorneys, who participated in the survey, only 52% had confidence in the efficiency of the court and judicial administrative system. Speaking to colleagues, horror stories are plentiful. Stories of civil court files gone […]

Can a parent claim maintenance from their child?

When the word “maintenance” is mentioned, many people think of women claiming maintenance for minor children, or alternatively, women claiming maintenance from their ex-husbands. However, parents also claim maintenance from their adult children. Mike Larry received a summons from the Maintenance Court to appear three weeks later for a maintenance matter, however Mike had no […]

Did your child use your credit card online?

Perhaps, you left your credit card lying around and your child thought it was a good idea to use it for online games. You’ve lost a lot of money as a result, so you’ve decided to cancel the online contracts. Are the contracts entered online by minors, using their parents’ credit cards, legally binding? What […]