September 2015

Insolvency and voluntary sequestration

The term “insolvency” relates to both sequestration (for individuals and trusts) and liquidation (for companies and close corporations). Sequestration can either be effected by voluntary sequestration or compulsory sequestration. This article will deal with voluntary sequestration, where the person applying to the Court for sequestration is the insolvent individual himself/herself….

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Tax terms used in the media: Do you know what they mean?

Reading material on the topic of tax does not make for light, relaxing reading. A reader can easily feel lost if he/she does not keep up to date with the meaning of the new terms and phrases which are introduced constantly by SARS. This article aims to explain the meaning…

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Succession planning

Owning a business requires careful succession planning and is part of your estate planning as you have to determine who will succeed you, or who will purchase your shares, or who will be entitled to the income after your death. The future ownership of your business is at stake. A…

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