Monthly Archives: January 2016

Trouble with the neighbours

You and your neighbour have been good friends for years; your children have grown up together and you have always thought of him as a reasonable man, but lately you’re not so sure. His trees’ branches overhang into your property, blocking your gutters with leaves, not to mention the root

DTS Agent of the Month

Name: Myrtle McSkimming Agency: Harcourts Beachfront Area – specialising: Port Elizabeth Beachfront, South End, Walmer, Park Drive, Central and Richmond Hill. Property industry: How did you first get involved in the property industry? Out of shear desperation to earn money. I talked to a Bank Manager and he introduced me

Be careful what you write or say

Classically, the law of defamation attempts to strike a balance between a plaintiff’s right to reputation, and a defendant’s right to freedom of expression – two rights that are recognised both at common law and in the Constitution. Defamation is a serious consideration in the interaction with letters, e-mails and