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Clearwen Hart of Pam Golding Properties

PROPERTY INDUSTRY:     How did you first get involved in the property industry ?  Matching my love for people with flexibility. How long have you been  in the property industry ? Since Feb 2007.   Who had the greatest influence on you during your time in the property industry? My sisterwith

Me, my neighbour and that tree

The house was just perfect – the right neighbourhood, well-established garden, beautiful trees waving graciously in the summer breeze with just the right amount of shade next to your swimming pool and veranda. And as the trees are those of your neighbour, no problem with pruning or the leaves, said

Maintenance – not only for children

When the word “maintenance” is mentioned, many people think of women claiming maintenance for minor children, or alternatively, women claiming maintenance from their ex-husbands. However, in this article we will deal with parents claiming maintenance from their adult children. Mike Larry received a summons from the Maintenance Court to appear