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Our beautiful winter

A1BThere is a mood for all seasons, however, I personally think that winters’ mood is paired best with the African bush. The smell of the dust in the air after a herd of a thousand buffalo passes through the grasslands, the cold bite on your nose as you travel in an open topped game viewing vehicle and the prospect of the day being full of activity because of the suitable temperatures.

The summer months have their attraction too with the colourful flowers, the vibrant green of the tree canopy, the dramatic thunderstorms and the obvious presence of new life in every form. But the privilege of witnessing the wild in full swing comes at a cost: early mornings and late nights with the added pressure of working against the wrath of the African sun. If you are willing to take on the challenges of summer, you will be rewarded with many life changing experiences.

Winter is the easier way out and has just as many rewards but in a different way. The mornings are bitterly cold and the colour has disappeared from the flora exposing the harshness of an African winter with no rain, but, the grass has lay down to die opening up the wilderness, the canopy has lost its leaves and the leopards hoisted kill has no longer any cover. The rivers have stopped flowing and all that is left are a few waterholes where all must descend to drink.

Because the days are short, we suggest you have a breakfast at the lodge before departing on game drive so that one does not put any pressure on the kitchen in the event of you stumbling across an amazing sighting on the way home causing you to be late. The second step is to arrange the night before for a picnic lunch that you will take with you after breakfast. This allows you to stay out there if you don’t want to come back. The biggest reason for this is during the winter, as mentioned before, is that the waterholes are the last standing options for the animals to drink and one can park at a waterhole after the morning activities and watch the animals gather to drink whilst enjoying your picnic lunch from the vehicle…best restaurant in the world! Once the parade has dissipated back into the bush, it is almost 14:00. A short leg stretch and a comfort break away from the waterhole as to not disturb any late arrivals, and you are ready for chapter two. It starts to get dark and cold around 18:00 so we start to head back as the activities throughout winter are primarily during the day because of the extreme cold at night. Returning to the lodge to a large fire and a beautiful meal is reward for a full day out in the field. An early night provides good rest for another full day of trekking, exploring and sightseeing.

Although winter is around the corner and you should be here, I also encourage you to experience all 4 seasons with us in the African bush as they all have the most incredible stories to tell.

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